My research focuses around several broad themes:

Gender gaps in assets and wealth
Gender and agriculture
Intrahousehold dynamics
Rural development in Africa
Survey design and data collection methodologies that allow for gender analysis

Current Research Projects include:

The Gender Asset Gap Project
The Gender Asset Gap Project was designed to demonstrate the feasibility and importance of collecting asset data at both the individual and household levels. While the importance of productive  assets for agricultural development and poverty reduction is widely accepted, most analyses use data that are aggregated to the household level. The project collected individual level asset data that is nationally representative in Ecuador and Ghana and representative of the state of Karnataka, India. Measures of the gender gaps in assets and wealth have been calculated using this data.
CGIAR Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets

The strategic gender research of the CGIAR Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets focuses on identifying best practices in the collection and analysis of sex-disaggregated and challenging gender myths in agriculture.  I am on the PIM management committee and lead the strategic gender work.

Gender, Agriculture and Assets Project

The Gender, Agriculture and Assets Project, in its second phase, will adaptand validate a measure of women's empowerment that can be used by agricultural development projects to diagnose key areas of empowerment, design strategies to increase empowerment, and monitor outcomes.