All my publications, including works in progress, are listed by topic:


Gender and Assets

The Gender Asset and Wealth Gaps.  Cheryl R. Doss, Carmen Diana Deere, Abena D. Oduro and Hema Swaminathan.  Development, 57(3-4): 400-09. 2014.

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Agricultural and Rural Development

Women and Agricultural Productivity:  What Does the Evidence Tell us?  Cheryl Doss.  Yale University Economic Growth  Center Discussion Paper 1051.  2015. 

Collective Action within the Household: Insights from Natural Resource Management. Cheryl Doss and Ruth Meinzen-Dick. World Development 74 (Oct. 2015): 171-183).  Also published as CAPRi Working Paper No. 117. IFPRI, Washington, DC. 2014.

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Intrahousehold Analyses

Intrahousehold Bargaining and Resource Allocation in Developing Countries. World Bank Research Observer 28: 52–78. 2013.

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